Why is it important to get a Will done professionally?

A will is a very important legal document that states exactly how you want your life’s earnings and assets divided amongst family members and friends in the event of your passing.

Why do I Need a WillWill done professionally

Your Will is responsible for bringing your estate to a close, allocating guardians to your children, establishing trusts for your young beneficiaries, dividing inheritance and paying off debts.

Making your Will Valid

Your will must adhere to specific legal requirements, for example, it must be signed by 2 non-benefiting witnesses and yourself. If a will at the time of death does not fit all the legal requirements, your wishes following your passing may not be fulfilled.

The Will needs to match your wishes

Through your will you are able to set out your exact wishes for when you pass. Your lawyer is there to make sure that everything you want is included within the will in a professional and legally binding way so that all your wishes can be fulfilled.

If it is found that your will doesn’t match the criteria or leaves anything out, your wishes may be overlooked or not understood, creating a difficult situation between your family members, as your life’s assets may not be divided the way you want but rather what the government or a court decide. This may cause family members stress or disappointment in a time where they are already grieving.

Reduce the likelihood of Your Will being contested or disputed

Inheritance can be a contentious issue within families when a loved one passes away. A professionally written will, can eliminate or reduce this conflict. Although family members may still contend a will if they feel they have a claim to it, your lawyer has the ability and the experience to help reduce the likelihood of your will being contested.

Peace of Mind

Overall it is in your best interests to seek assistance from a lawyer when creating or amending a will. A lawyer can make sure that you fulfil all the requirements of a will, for example they can ensure that your will is valid, you are of sound mind to complete a will and nothing is left out.

At Able Defence Lawyers our skilled legal team are committed to helping you with your will and expressing your wishes!