The Offence of Stalking and Intimidation | Sydney Criminal Lawyers

The offence of stalking and intimidation is set out in Section 13 of the Crimes (Domestic and Federal Violence) Act criminal lawyers

This is a serious offence and if you are charged and convicted of a crime, this can lead to adverse consequences for you, your employment and international travel.

If you are charged with stalk and intimidate it is best to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Sydney criminal lawyers at Able Defence Lawyers.

Once the police have charged you for the offence of stalk and intimidate, you will be given a Court Attendance Notice and a Police Fact Sheet. The Court Attendance Notice will provide you with details of your court matter, the location, the time, the date, and which court to attend. Your matter will also have a distinct number on the top right-hand side.

It is important to note that the facts sheet is not evidence and may in fact be incorrect in some or various aspects. It is essentially a summary of the facts or version of events according to the police prosecution based on their interactions and investigations with the people involved.

The best criminal lawyers in Sydney are at Able Defence Lawyers and will help guide and advise you of whether a plea of not guilty or guilty should be entered into and at what stage.

Our Sydney criminal law team at Able Defence Lawyers are very experienced at making sentencing submissions and obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.

There are instances where due to insufficient evidence or elements of the offence which we believe cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, that a plea of not guilty should be entered. Your matter will then proceed to a hearing. Your criminal lawyer will attend court on your behalf and obtain a date for the hearing to take place.  Sometimes due to the high number of caseloads in the Sydney criminal courts, your hearing can take place several months later.

Able Defence Lawyers can also make representations to the police in some instances. This can be in order to negotiate and come to an agreed set of facts and sometimes request for the police to drop the charges. Your criminal lawyer will carefully assess your situation and provide you with the relevant criminal law legal advice surrounding making representations.  Your defence lawyer will furnish the police with the relevant information in this regard. This can be an effective and expeditious way to bring an end to the matter.

The best criminal lawyers are often successful in their representations and it is a very persuasive way to eliminate charges, or to reduce the charges significantly.

It is important to obtain expert legal and tailored advice in relation to your matter as each matter has its own facts and circumstances. The penalties for the offence of stalk and intimidate can vary greatly depending on a number of facts, including any prior criminal convictions and other aggravating factors.

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