The new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia/Family Lawyers Parramatta

The new family law system in Australia commenced on 1 September 2021, with the merger of what is now known as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. The recent change means that although the courts are divided into Division 1 and 2, it creates a single entry point for all new family law matters.

The overarching purpose of the new system is to focus on dispute resolution rather than formal hearings, so parties have more opportunities to settle on their own terms and keep their costs to a minimum. Appeals of family law decisions can now also be heard at the same court and all forms and procedures are consistent across all states in Australia, excluding Western Australia. Able Defence Lawyers can help people with their family law matters across Sydney and in other jurisdictions and states.

There are more resources available with the allocation of additional judicial officers to hear your matter. Judges and registrars will have enhanced duties to ensure your matter is heard as soon as possible. Compliance with orders is also the primary focus for the new merger, including the implementation of the National Contravention List, for when one party breaches the court orders. Measures for breaching orders include costs orders (paying for the other party’s legal fees) and completely re-assessing and revising orders where necessary.

What this means for your matter?

From 1 September 2021, matters will commence in Division 2, known as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Division 1 is the Family Court of Australia. The below diagram can show you what the process for your matter may look like.

Family Lawyers Parramatta

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