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If you are being sued in court or have a criminal allegation leveled against you, it is important to engage a Lawyer Solicitor Near Cherrybrook NSW 2126 as soon as is practically possible. The lawyer will examine your case and offer you the legal advice that is relevant for you. Hiring a lawyer can be the difference between losing a case and getting convicted, or winning the case.

The benefit of hiring services from Able Defence Lawyers is that your case will be professionally handled. Whether you are faced with a civil case, a criminal case or a business case, you are in safe hands once you contact our lawyers in Sydney Northern Suburbs.

Criminal Law Lawyer Solicitor Near Cherrybrook NSW 2126

Driving offences can either be minor or major. Serious Traffic Law and Driving Offences could land you in jail or cause you to have your licence suspended. You could have your licence suspended for as short as three months or for as long as a year. Even the shortest period of a licence suspension could cause you a lot of inconvenience. You may even serve a jail term after which your licence suspension begins. To avoid excessive penalties, you can contact our traffic offence lawyers, who will provide you with expert legal advice on traffic offences. An Able Defence Lawyers traffic lawyer in Cherrybrook or Ryde will carefully scrutinize your charges and represent you in court.

You may also find yourself charged with Drug and Drink Driving. This happens after tests are conducted and you are found guilty of driving under the influence. We have competent drink driving lawyers that will ensure you get a fair hearing. We will provide you with the best drink driving legal advice anywhere in Epping or West Pennant Hills.

Domestic violence is a crime directed towards a partner, relative or dependent. This is violent behavior that seeks to intimidate and dominate the victim and instill fear in them. You can face a jail term when charged with domestic violence, and you should therefore seek legal advice since you will need to plead guilty or not guilty in court.

Sexual Assaults

 A sexual assaults offence is also a very serious criminal offence that could see you face heavy penalties from the courts, including a jail term. When faced with a sexual assaults allegation in Normanhurst or Hunters Hill, our lawyers are ready to provide you with the legal advice you need.

 Conveyancing and Property Law

If you need to transfer property to your name, our lawyers for conveyancing will ensure that the process moves on smoothly and that all the legal requirements are met. Our conveyancing solicitors are experienced in handling all the legal documentation that is required in the transfer of properties. We also have house purchase solicitors who will guide you when you need to buy a property. They will negotiate on your behalf and handle all the legal documentation until the whole settlement process has been completed.

Civil and Personal Injury

Civil matters can be quite complex and diverse, and may cover cases that touch on family law and criminal law. A civil dispute may consist of one person suing another for damages for a breach of contract or other issue. When faced with a civil lawsuit, our civil dispute lawyers are always ready to represent you in Dundas or Macquarie Park.

If you would like to make a personal injury claim, contact our personal injury lawyer who will guide you through the process of successfully making your claim. Whether you obtained the injury at the work place, as a result of an accident or due to medical negligence, our compensation lawyers will put every effort to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours.

Wills, Probate and Estate Law

We also have competent probate and wills solicitors available to walk you through the process of obtaining Probate Letters of Administration from the court. Our probate solicitors will guide you in obtaining the letters of administration if:

  • You have been named as executor of will
  • If the deceased left a will but did not name an executor of will
  • If the deceased did not leave a will at all

A Grant of Letters of Administration that is obtained from the court will enable you to manage and even distribute the estate of the deceased in Carlingford or Westleigh. The distribution is done as per the will or as per the laws of intestacy if a will is not present. An Able Defence Lawyers estate probate lawyer is available to you.

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