Legal Advice (Lawyer Solicitor Near Bass Hill NSW 2197) That You Can Trust In Sydney Canterbury Bankstown

It is recommended that you engage a Lawyer Solicitor Near Bass Hill NSW 2197 when you have a legal matter. A good lawyer will listen to your circumstances and will guide you on what the law states concerning the matter. The lawyer then gives you several courses of action and their possible results so that you can make an informed decision.

Able Defence Lawyers are skilled and well versed in the law and are experienced in handling a wide variety of cases. From civil cases to criminal cases, our lawyers will give you the best legal advice to ensure you get the best possible result. You can access our excellent Legal services in Sydney Canterbury Bankstown.

Criminal Law Lawyer Solicitor Near Bass Hill NSW 2197

Traffic Law and Driving Offences can be major or minor, and the penalties will depend on the seriousness of the offence and whether or not you are a repeat offender. Serious offences may include:

  • Causing an accident and refusing to stop
  • Causing an accident that leads to injury or death
  • Reckless Driving

You can contact our traffic offence lawyers anywhere in Bankstown or Revesby when faced with a driving offence. Our road traffic lawyers will provide you with legal advice on traffic offences so you can know the options available for you. Our traffic solicitors will make every effort to ensure your licence is not suspended. We will also ensure that any penalties handed to you are fair.

If you are charged with Drug and Drink Driving, it can leave you with a criminal record. You can be charged with drug and drink driving if you are tested for the presence of alcohol or drugs and the tests are positive. A criminal record will give you problems when you need to secure employment. Driving under the influence will also lead to the suspension of your licence. Our drink driving lawyers are experienced and will provide you with excellent DUI legal advice to ensure your penalties are fair and your inconveniences are minimized.

Sexual Assault 

A sexual assaults charge will leave you with a criminal record and could easily lead to a jail term. You can therefore contact our lawyers to enable you get a fair trail. You can also contact us when faced with domestic violence allegations.

Conveyancing and Property Law 

Buying and selling property can be very hectic given the various processes you have to go through to complete the transactions. You can therefore access our affordable conveyancing services if you are in Campsie or Leightonfield. When purchasing a property, our house purchase solicitors will prepare the legal documents including all the contracts. The conveyancing solicitors will ensure that the transfer is successfully made and that a settlement is reached.

Our property conveyancing specialists will also assist you when you need to sell a property in Croydon Park or Potts Hill.

Wills, Probate and Estate Law

You need to get Probate Letters of Administration from the courts in order to manage the property of a deceased person. You therefore need the documents if:

  • The will has named you as the executor of will
  • The deceased left a will that did not name an executor of will
  • The deceased did not leave a will

In the absence of a will or if an executor of will was not named, our probate solicitors will guide you in obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration from the courts.

Civil and Personal Injury

Civil matters normally involve issues related to disputes between two parties. Normally the aggrieved party or the plaintiff sues the other party, who becomes the defendant. Civil law cases can involve family law or criminal law, and we have experienced civil matter lawyers who can handle any civil dispute you may have. We will provide you with the best legal advice to ensure you get the best outcome from the dispute.

A personal injury can harm your health and well being and can interfere with your ability to live a normal life and even earn a living. It can cause you physical, emotional or psychological harm and you should therefore claim for compensation. We have competent compensation lawyers who will provide you with the best personal injury advice.

Our injury claim lawyers will walk you through the process of pursuing your claim so you can get appropriately compensated. Whether it is a work place claim or a car accident claim, you will get the best services from our personal injury lawyer if you are in Georges Hall or Belmore.

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