Why You Need Legal Representation (Lawyer Solicitor Near Ingleburn NSW 2565) In South Western Sydney

Seeking legal advice can seem like an expensive undertaking. However, what you stand to gain from legal representation greatly outweighs the disadvantages of not getting legal help. It is recommended that you contact a Lawyer Solicitor Near Ingleburn NSW 2565 when faced with criminal charges to ensure you get a fair trial and avoid wrongful conviction. Even when you think you have a strong case, the case could suddenly take a wrong turn so it’s necessary to have a Legal Representation in South Western Sydney.

Able Defence Lawyers are here to make sure that the facts of your case are properly presented in court. We will look through the evidence provided against you to ensure there is consistency and that you do not end up with a penalty that is unfair. We offer our expert legal advice in all areas of South Western Sydney.

Civil and Personal Injury  Lawyer Solicitor Near Ingleburn NSW 2565

You may suffer a personal injury in a variety of places, and you would be eligible to claim for compensation in certain instances. Our compensation lawyers will guide you in making claims related to:

  • An injury incurred through a car accident
  • An injury incurred at the place of work
  • An injury incurred due to medical negligence
  • An injury incurred due to the willful action of a person
  • An injury incurred after using a defective product

You can contact our personal injury lawyer whether you are in Liverpool or Glenfield.

If you have any civil court matters, contact our civil matter lawyers; they are well versed in criminal law and family law. Civil matters normally involve disputes between two parties where one party feels aggrieved and chooses to sue the other party. Our civil litigation lawyers will provide you with excellent legal advice that will give you a good chance of winning the case. You can even decide to have an out of court settlement in Smithfield if this will work better for you.

Criminal Law 

There are very many Traffic Law and Driving Offences, some of which include:

  • Driving without fastening your seatbelt
  • Driving recklessly
  • Causing an accident that results in injury or death

There are many penalties that may be handed down to you depending on your offence and whether you are a first time, second or third time offender. If you have been charged with the same offence more three times, then the penalty may be increased. The offences considered are those that have been committed within the last five years. Our traffic offence lawyers are well versed in traffic laws and will provide you with expert traffic legal advice.

Drug and Drink Driving could also land you in jail if you are convicted of the offence Moorebank or Claymore. You may be charged if tests turn out positive, proving that you were driving under the influence. You can contact our drink driving lawyers if you are in such a situation.

Domestic violence is also a criminal offence and could take the form of: 

  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Intimidation
  • Going against an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO)

This is an offence that could land you in jail. You can contact our lawyers if you have been charged with such an offence.

Sexual Assaults

Sexual assaults are directed towards a victim that is not willing to be touched or engage in sexual acts. This is a serious criminal offence that tramples on the rights of the victim. If you are faced with a sexual assaults allegation, you can contact our lawyers, whether you are in Long Point or St Andrews. We will go through your case and provide you with the relevant legal advice.

Conveyancing and Property Law 

Buying and selling of property involves several parties and legal documents have to be exchanged between the buyer and seller. Our conveyancing solicitors will handle all the processes related to the purchase and sale of property you are interested in.

If you are buying property, our solicitor for buying land and our house purchase solicitors will ensure that you get a favorable price. They will handle all the negotiations with the seller and prepare the legal documents required. If you are selling your house, our solicitor for selling a house will work with the solicitor of the buyer and will prepare the transfer documents required.

Wills, Probate and Estate Law 

You can also contact our probate solicitors if you need to obtain Probate Letters of Administration in order to manage and distribute the property of a deceased person.

Contact our Lawyer Solicitor Near Ingleburn NSW 2565 at (02) 4626 5335 if you need any assistance regarding any legal matter.