Enjoy Affordable Legal Services (Lawyer Solicitor Near Cronulla NSW 2230) In South Sydney

There are many reasons why you should hire a Lawyer Solicitor that is Near Cronulla NSW 2230 when you are faced with legal matters. If you have a criminal case that is not handled professionally, you may end up serving a jail term and if you are being sued, you could end up losing the case without legal representation. Able Defence Lawyers are well skilled in the law and can handle a wide variety of cases. Our lawyers will work to ensure your case is not delayed by handling all the required documentation and filing it in good time. We will provide you with excellent legal advice/legal services in South Sydney so you can plead guilty or not guilty in court.

Criminal Law  Lawyer Solicitor Near Cronulla NSW 2230

You can be charged with major or minor Traffic Law and Driving Offences. For minor traffic offences, you may be required to simply pay a fine. On the other hand, more serious driving offences can lead to the suspension of your licence and you can even serve a jail term. We have experienced traffic offence lawyers who will provide you with the best traffic legal advice to ensure the penalties handed down to you are not excessive. Having your licence suspended can be very inconveniencing and our traffic offence lawyers will do the best they can to have your licence reinstated.

You will need legal representation when charged with Drug and Drink Driving since you could end up with serious penalties, some of which include:

  • Payment of high fines
  • Suspension of your licence
  • Having an alcohol interlock device fitted in your car
  • Serving a jail term

We have qualified drink driving lawyers that will provide you with the best drink driving legal advice in Hurstville and Ingleburn.

Domestic violence is a criminal offence that is not taken lightly by the courts. This is an offence that is targeted towards a partner, a relative or a dependant. When you are charged with domestic violence, you will need to plead guilty or not guilty. The case might be adjourned for seven days if you would like to get legal advice. You can contact our lawyers in Campbelltown or Oyster Bay that will provide you with the best legal advice to enable you enter a plea. You can also contact our lawyers if you are faced with a sexual assaults allegation.

Conveyancing and Property Law 

When you need to buy or sell property, you can contact our conveyancing solicitors. We provide affordable conveyancing services in Yarrawarrah or Kingsgrove. If you need to purchase a home, our home buying solicitors will guide you through the entire process of acquiring the home.

From the point of negotiating, our house purchase solicitors will push for a favorable solicitor price for buying a house. We will handle all the paperwork and will ensure that the property has been successfully transferred to your name. If you are selling property, you can get guidance from our solicitor for selling a house.

Wills, Probate and Estate Law 

If you have been named as the executor of will, you will need to obtain Probate Letters of Administration from the court to enable you manage and divide the estate as per the will. Our wills and probate solicitors will provide you with the legal services to enable you obtain these documents from the court. You can also obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration if the deceased did not leave a will or if the will does not name the executor of will.

Civil and Personal Injury 

Civil cases mainly involve disputes between two parties, whether individuals or businesses. The aggrieved party referred to as the plaintiff launches a complaint against the other party known as the defendant. Our civil matter lawyers are highly skilled in handling any kind of civil dispute, whether it falls under criminal law or family law. You can contact our civil litigation lawyers if you need to sue someone or are being sued. You can contact our civil law attorney whether you are in Peakhurst or Rockdale.

You can incur an injury at the work place or as a result of a car accident. A personal injury may also occur due to medical negligence or after using a defective product. We have competent compensation lawyers that will handle your claim professionally. You can contact our personal injury lawyer whether you are in Kangaroo Point or Menai so that we can walk with you as you seek compensation for your injuries. We also have motor accident lawyers and workers compensation lawyers that will provide you with excellent personal injury advice.

Contact our Lawyer Solicitor Near Cronulla NSW 2230 at  (02) 4626 5335 if you need assistance regarding any legal matter.