Purchasing Property – Building & Pest Inspection


Can you be too thorough?Property Purchase

The answer is no, you cannot be too thorough with the biggest purchase of your life.  The importance of making sure that your property purchase is done smoothly and without problems is the job of our experienced conveyancing services.

The conveyancing solicitors at Able Conveyancing Campbelltown have years of experience in ensuring that you know every aspect of your property purchase.

When buying a property, it is highly recommended to obtain a building and pest inspection.  And you must be able to trust that the Building and Pest Inspector has no vested interest such as receiving a commission or kick back for carrying out the job.

We only recommended qualified building and pest inspection companies and have no vested interest. We protect you from buying a property with problems.

We are aware of a couple who recently decided to go with the recommended building and pest inspection from the agent who was selling the property to them.

The building and pest inspection said everything with the property was fine.  Yet later it was discovered upon moving into the property that there was rising damp in many of the walls within the house.  The new homeowners had to spend many thousands of dollars to remove the walls and fix the underlying problem.

A client used one of our recommended Building and Pest Inspection companies for their property purchase report.  The report came back that the property had white ants/termites in crucial parts of the house. Based on the report we advised the client of the ramifications of buying a property where there may be many hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to be spent to fix the problem.  Or even after it is fixed the client may lose a lot of money on the property if they later try to sell the property.

The agent tried to urge our clients to proceed with the property purchase claiming that the building and pest inspectors that we use are too thorough.

How can you be too thorough with the biggest purchase of your life?  The answer is you can’t!  You must obtain the best advice and information.

We have experienced Conveyancing Solicitors, specialising in all Property transactions including Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investment property purchases. We specialise in New South Wales and Queensland property purchases.

If you want to discuss your next property purchase please do not hesitate to contact the property team at Able Conveyancing to ensure you receive the best professional legal service in Queensland and New South Wales.