Parenting orders and covid-19/Sydney Family Lawyers

How does covid-19 affect my parenting orders now lockdown has ended?

Parenting orders are still enforceable, and any agreements made during lockdown may no longer be practical. This may be due to employment and schooling changes as people are no longer working or studying from home with the flexibility to spend time with their children. However, there are still self-isolation rules in place for people after a Covid-19 contact which may affect your parenting orders. Our family lawyers in Sydney can assist you with negotiating any changes to your parenting orders you may need.

How can I change my parenting orders?

If your circumstances have changed and you need to re-think your current agreement, you could change the agreement without going to court if both parties consent to the changes. Any new changes should be in writing, signed and dated by both parties with a witness if possible. Alternatively, you can agree via email or text message. You can also agree on an end date for these changes, for example this change will occur until one parent ends self-isolation or intestate borders open or until your employment circumstances change.

If you negotiated your parenting plans during lockdown or local government restrictions, you may need to revise your plan. For example, children attending extracurricular activities that wasn’t available at the time the plan was made. You and your ex-partner may need to negotiate who would be responsible for taking them to sporting games, if these activities fall on a day for contact, and splitting payments.

What happens if one parent has to self-isolate?

If a parent is required to self-isolate, they will be unable to care for the children under the parenting orders or plan. You should notify the other parent of your contact status and the date your self-isolation will end. It is best to do this in writing to ensure there is a record of the conversation. Children often struggle with abrupt changes to routine, which is why we advise if contact cannot be made in person, to continue to engage in regular video or phone calls and share pictures and videos for the children. When the isolation period has ended, we can help you negotiate make up time or with the children.

If you have concerns about compliance with parenting arrangements or wanting to negotiate a new agreement with your ex-partner, Able Defence Lawyers can assist you. Our Sydney family lawyers help with negotiating your parenting arrangements that can benefit you and your children. Call our Sydney family lawyers now on 02 4626 5335 to book your free consultation