Affordable Legal Advice (Lawyer Solicitor Near Clareville NSW 2107) In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dealing with a legal matter can be very stressful, given that you have to fill certain legal documents and file them correctly. It is therefore advisable to engage a Lawyer Solicitor that is Near Clareville NSW 2107 whenever you have a legal matter to ensure that you are well represented in and out of court in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Able Defence Lawyers will ensure that all the legal procedures related to your case are carried out in good time. We provide expert legal advice in a wide variety of areas including civil matters, driving offences and personal injury in the entire Northern Beaches region.

Criminal Law

There are various forms of Traffic Law and Driving Offences. These include minor offences, in which you would be required to pay a fine, and the penalty does not carry a prison term. As long as you pay the required fine within the stipulated time, you will no longer be liable to face prosecution for that offence. You may, however, incur demerit points that will be attached to your licence.

If you are facing a driving offence that could lead to suspension of your licence or a jail term, you will be required to attend court to explain why these actions should not be taken against you. Our traffic offence lawyers will provide you with the relevant information and legal advice so that your licence is not unnecessarily suspended. Our traffic solicitors are available in Church Point and Scotland Island to handle any case related to driving offences.

A police officer can request you to take a breath test to check whether the alcohol in your blood has reached or exceeded the prescribed concentration. This is done through a small device that you blow into. If the test result is positive, you may be required to undergo a breath analysis and thereafter a blood test to ascertain the level of alcohol in your system.

Driving with prescription or illegal drugs in your system is also an offence. When charged with Drug and Drink driving, your licence will be suspended and you will have to pay a fine. Our drink driving lawyers are well versed in traffic laws and will guide you so that your penalties do not exceed the required limit.

Sexual Assault

If you have been charged with a sexual assaults offence, it is advisable to get in touch with our lawyers as early as possible. You will be required to appear in court where you will make your guilty or not guilty plea. Our lawyers are available to provide you with the best legal advice, which is particularly important since this offence can land you in jail.

You can also access our legal services whether you are in Elanora Heights or Narrabeen North if you are facing a domestic violence charge.

Conveyancing and Property Law Lawyer Solicitor Near Clareville NSW 2107

We have a team of expert conveyancing solicitors who will provide you with legal aid whenever you need to buy or sell a property. When buying property, our solicitor for property purchase will:

  • Guide you in paying fees at the Land Registry, and in paying other fees for searches and transfers
  • Peruse the contract and advise you accordingly
  • Exchange contracts with the solicitor of the seller
  • Advise you on your financing options
  • Organize and attend the settlement meeting

It is also advisable to work with a solicitor for selling a house, who will walk you through the entire process of selling your property stress-free. You can access our affordable conveyancing services anywhere in Allambie Heights or Collaroy.

Wills, Probate and Estate Law

You may find yourself in a situation where the person that owns the property in which you are an interested party dies without leaving a will or naming the executor of the will. In such a case, you will need to obtain Probate Letters of Administration from the court. Our probate solicitors will provide you with relevant information and the support that you need to obtain the letters of administration so you can manage the estate appropriately.

Civil and Personal Injury

We have compensation lawyers that are highly skilled in cases related to personal injury. You can get injured after a motor accident, at the place of work or due to medical negligence. Our personal injury lawyer will be happy to handle your claim whether you are in Dee Why or Frenchs Forest.

When faced with a civil lawsuit, our civil case Lawyer Solicitor Near Clareville NSW 2107 are also at hand to provide you with expert legal advice that is relevant to your case.