Mediation can settle most disputes so you don’t really have to always go to court regardless if you’re in Campbelltown, Liverpool or Sydney NSW.

Advantages of mediation

Mediation Campbelltown Liverpool Sydney NSW

Sorting matters out between yourselves and coming to an agreement offers a number of significant advantages over litigation.

  • You greatly reduce the financial and emotional costs of a legal battle.
  • You make your own decisions.
  • Your continuing relationship as parents is likely to work better
  • You are able to move forward and make a new life for yourself.
  • You may improve communication with your former partner and be better able to resolve disputes in the future.

It is for these reasons that the Family Court encourages you to avoid litigation where possible and try mediation before starting any court action.  Our lawyers will guide you through the mediation process and their experience and results in Mediation speak for themselves.

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