Hills District

Legal Matters For Which You Need Legal Representation In Hills District

There are many legal situations that you might potentially face for which you will require expert legal representation in Hills District. You may have a legal dispute such as a business or employment dispute, or you may need to make a claim after an injury. You may also be facing serious allegations related to domestic violence, which could leave you with a criminal record.

Legal representation will cost you financially, but the losses you would otherwise incur without legal advice are much higher. At Able Defence Lawyers, we provide you with excellent legal advice to ensure that your case is handled fairly in the entire Hills District area.

Criminal Law

Driving Offences

You can be charged with Traffic Law and Driving Offences if you are found having committed the following:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Involvement in a motor accident
  • Dangerous driving
  • Using a mobile phone when driving
  • Not fastening your seat belt
  • Drug and drink driving

If you are charged with any of the above in Baulkham Hills or North Parramatta, you will have to appear in court and plead to be either guilty or not guilty. Our traffic offence lawyers will help you get your licence reinstated if it has been suspended. We also work to ensure that your penalties are reduced.

Drug and Drink Driving

Drug and Drink Driving offences can lead to an instant loss of your licence. You could immediately lose your licence if the concentration of alcohol in your blood exceeds a certain limit. You could also lose your licence if you refuse to provide a blood or breath sample so that necessary tests are carried out. If your licence has been suspended, our drink driving solicitors will walk you through the process of getting it reinstated. They will also ensure that the penalties handed down to you are reasonable.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious criminal offence that infringes on the rights of the victim. The violence can be physical, emotional, psychological or financial. When faced with domestic violence allegations, our lawyers will provide you with excellent legal advice to ensure you get a fair trial.

Reliable Legal Help for facing Sexual Assault charges

Sexual assaults charges are also taken seriously by the courts and involve touching or exposing an unwilling person to sexual acts. Our sexual assault solicitors are ready to provide you with the necessary information, legal advice and support to ensure that your case is properly heard. Contact us if you are facing sexual assault allegations in Castle Hill or Winston Hills.

Civil and Personal Injury

Civil matters include a wide range of issues that fall under criminal and family law. Some of these matters include recovering of debts, tenancy disputes or discrimination. If you have any civil dispute in Cherrybrook or Lower Portland, one of our expert litigation lawyers will provide you with the legal assistance you need.

You might incur injuries in a number of places such as at the workplace or on the road following a car accident. Some injuries could be very severe in that they can affect your ability to perform at the workplace, or they could negatively affect your health. You can also get affected emotionally or psychologically, which gives you the right to make a claim. Our compensation lawyers are highly skilled in handling claims related to:

  • Motor accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Defective products that cause injury
  • Public liability where you get an injury due to the negligence of another
  • Injuries related to intentional acts to harm
  • Superannuation and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims

Our personal injury lawyers are available to all residents of Glenhaven or Middle Dural.

Conveyancing and Property Law

Selling and buying property can be a complex process that involves several parties signing several legal documents. It is important to seek legal advice whenever you get into any legal transactions. Our property solicitors, available in all areas of Kenthurst and Maraylya, are widely experienced in handling property matters by negotiating on your behalf and preparing all the legal documents. Our conveyancing lawyer will prepare the relevant contracts and will advice you on the effects of signing the contracts.

Probate, Letters of Administration, Family Provisions Claims, Supreme Court Estates

We also have highly skilled wills and probate solicitors to walk you through the process of obtaining Probate Letters of Administration from the court. You will need these documents if you have a loved one that has passed on without leaving a will. You will also require them if the person left a will but did not name an executor of will.