False Allegations- Apprehended Violence Orders

False Allegations- Apprehended Violence Orders

Are you the victim of a false allegation of Domestic Violence? False Accusation? What is False Allegations- Apprehended Violence Orders?

Unfortunately, it is females who are the biggest culprits in bringing false allegations against their partner when a relationship ends. People usually do this out of spite or because they believe it will help them in the Family Law Court.

There are numerous applications which are being brought before the court. It is important to try and protect yourself from being the victim of a vindictive ex-partner. Too often accusations are being made without any proof, evidence or investigation being made by police. Police will accept any version given to them without bothering to question the truth or accuracy of any claims being made. Fairness and justice may not happen at this point in time, so don’t be surprised when police will not record or listen to your version of what actually happened and you end up with charges against you.

Any moment in life can turn into a heated argument with your partner. When this happens, it is important to remember to stay calm and remove yourself from the situation. Record it, if possible, and tell the person calmly that you are recording them. Whilst it is illegal to record another person without their knowledge and consent, courts have allowed recordings to be played which have exonerated defendants in AVO proceedings. Just remember, do not provoke someone for the purpose of recording them.

Do not engage in making threats either verbally or in text messages. Even if a person is abusing you, it is vital you do not respond to any abuse aimed at you either verbally or in text messages.

If you are the victim of a false AVO application, call Able Defence Lawyers to discuss how we can help you.