Bail at Parramatta Court

Bail Parramatta Court

If you are arrested and the police refuse you bail on a weekend, you will likely appear via a video link (AVL) or in person at Parramatta Court.

The reason is that from Friday afternoon after 4pm, the local courts are usually closed and the Magistrates will not hear a bail application.

The normal local courts in New South Wales do not re-open until 9.30am on Monday morning.

This means that the Parramatta Local Court is the only court that sits on a Saturday or Sunday in New South Wales.

If you want to apply for bail at Parramatta Court on a Saturday or Sunday, unless you are privately represented by your own lawyer, you will be provided with Legal Aid.

A legal aid solicitor can do your bail application for you.  You do need to keep in mind that you usually only get one (1) opportunity in the local court to apply for Bail.  So if your bail application fails you may need to apply to the Supreme Court for bail.

There can be extensive delays in getting bail in the Supreme Court.  Meaning that you may spend many weeks or months in prison awaiting a bail date at the Supreme Court.

The legal aid solicitor may try to do several bail applications at Parramatta Bail Court which means that they may be under a lot of pressure to do your bail application with all the information quickly.  This may not allow you the best opportunity to obtain bail at Parramatta.

As experienced criminal solicitors we know what is needed to enable you to get bail at Parramatta Court on a weekend.  At Able Defence Lawyers we are available on weekends.  We can prepare your Parramatta Bail Application to the highest possible standards and do your bail application for you.

This means that if your Parramatta Bail Application is done properly that you have a far greater chance of being quickly released from custody.

We recommend that you contact our after hours solicitor who is available 24 hours a day to obtain legal advice and properly prepare your Parramatta Bail Application for you.