Bail Applications Sydney over the Christmas holiday period

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Over the Christmas Holiday period most courts are closed and many law firms are also closed over the Christmas and New year period.

At Able Defence Lawyers we remain open over this period and are available to help anyone who needs legal advice and help.

In the event that bail is required over this period it is important that you call Able Defence Lawyers immediately. We have experienced bail application lawyers available to assist anyone who finds themselves in custody over the Christmas New Year Period.

Our experienced lawyers know which courts are available for you to obtain bail. A lot of this professional knowledge is not well known or published. It is only with our years of experience, knowledge and expertise that we can use this to assist you.

No one wants to remain in custody over Christmas and the holiday period. We have experienced barristers who also remain available over this period of time to assist you.

Contact Able Defence Lawyers for immediate legal help.