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Legal representation for the Bail Application

If you are arrested and charged with an offence, serious enough to keep you in gaol for the duration of your trial, a bail application can be filed by your lawyer. It is very important to seek legal counsel for this application as an experienced lawyer will be able to present your side of the story to the court in the best possible way and give you a better chance at being successful in the application.

What is a Release Application (Bail Application)?

A release application is also more commonly known as a Bail Application.  Innocent until proven guilty is the presumption of the court until proven otherwise.  In the interests of justice a defendant is not always kept in jail whilst awaiting their trial or even during the course of their trial.

What is Bail?Bail Application

Bail is when someone who is charged with a crime, is allowed to remain in the community and out of jail for the period of time that they face charges before the court.

When the it is heard your lawyer will give the court evidence that you do not pose a risk to the community and if there are risks they will suggest ways to mitigate or lessen these risks.

Condition of Bail

One of the major components of your bail application is the promise to the court that you will attend court to face the charges.

If the court is satisfied that you are not a threat to the community and that you will attend court as required, if released, your application will be successful and you will be granted bail. If the court believes that you may be a threat to the community but if given specific conditions this risk significantly decreases, then they may also be granted bail. However, if the court decides that you are a potential threat to the community, they may decide to keep you remanded (in gaol).

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